The 5 best series and shows about fashion designers

In recent years, soap operas have finally turned from guilty pleasure into an independent cultural phenomenon, perhaps even more influential than cinema. It’s no wonder, then, that TV shows and series are about everything, and they don’t skimp on the fashion world, either. Here are five exciting shows and series about fashion designers that might inspire you to pick up a pair of scissors and get behind a sewing machine.


You may have already watched the most talked about premiere of the season on Netflix, in which case we see no reason not to review it (if only for the stunning costumes and Ewan McGregor’s brilliant acting). And those who missed its release, we can only envy it – they will plunge into the atmosphere of the disco era for the first time. The plot of the series tells the story of Roy Halston’s meteoric rise to fame – and how he lost everything overnight due to drug problems, abusive relationships and profligacy. The story is not only beautiful, but also cautionary.

“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: An American Crime Story”

Another masterpiece by Ryan Murphy, who worked on “Holston.” In truth, it’s not so much a story about Gianni Versace himself as it is about Andrew Cunanen, who shot and killed the designer on the doorstep of his own Miami mansion in 1997. Nevertheless, Versace himself, replicas of pieces from his legendary collections and even his sister Donatella, played brilliantly by Penelope Cruz, are all there. Also, a consistent reveal of the personality of a man whose craving for a beautiful life and easy money turned him into a real monster.

“The King of Fashion.”

Korean series (or “doramas”, as they are often called) are generally a separate phenomenon that bears little resemblance to the work of Western directors. However, this does not prevent them from being insanely popular far beyond their native Korea. “The Fashion King” is a poignant story of the rise to fame and success of a young man who was abandoned by his parents. At first, Kang Yong-gol began sewing knockoffs of famous brands to survive, but then he realized he wanted to create something beautiful himself – and decided to succeed in fashion by all means.

“How to Succeed in America.”

Another story of the road to success – but no longer Korean, but American. Two enterprising friends from Brooklyn decided to open their own denim brand – but one trades in jeans at Barneys, and the other is making small jobs, and not always legal. In the end, they find investors and try by all means to create a successful business in one of the largest cities in the world. New York City on the show is nothing like Sex and the City. Without the lavish restaurants, endless social gatherings and expensive boutiques, but with real people following their dreams every day.