In today’s world, clothing design and modeling programs are used not only in large enterprises, but also by individual users. The electronic design format saves time, effort, and rolls of paper.

CAD (Computer-aided design (CAD)) – is a computer-aided design system. The abbreviation is used for all design programs. The main functions of CAD are similar, the differences are in appearance, additional options and cost.

Our overview will help you not to get lost in the world of CAD and choose the right program.


The program is suitable for beginners and professionals due to several working algorithms. It is possible to simulate patterns from a ready-made database or to build designs from scratch.

The program already has a built-in database of products: skirts, pants, men’s and women’s shoulder bases, knitted bases, children’s, underwear bases, denim, workwear bases and hats. There is also a ready-made set of design elements: pockets, collars, hoods, etc.

The program has the ability to integrate previously developed paper patterns.

CAD “Graphis” can perform automatic grading by size, set product allowance and make manual or automatic layout of cut details.


The program is suitable for beginners, allows you to work with the drawing in one of the modes – lines, points or objects. Contains a large set of tools for modeling.

The program knows how to set seam allowances, do grading and pattern development. Patterns can be scaled, modified, moved. Also you can digitize paper patterns, patterns from books and magazines. There is a base of size types and possibility to add your own individual sizes.

CAD Julivi

Julivi system includes 2D and 3D design programs.

The “Design” program builds basic designs from scratch by any method (Muller, EMCO SEV, etc.) in one or several sizes. Features: construction of a design drawing, allowance build-up and design of cuts, automatic grading, design development for an individual figure. In addition to the main block, you can connect simulation functions, measurement data bases, set of ready-made basic and model designs and some other modules.

The “Designer” program constructs patterns for clothing, footwear, hats, upholstered furniture. Allows you to work from basic or typical design to start production, multiplies patterns, models, builds lining and glue. The program is adapted for the design of articles of textile, knitwear, leather, fur.

Julivi system also includes the programs “3D Mannequin”, “Folder”, “Plotter Management”, “Table of Measures”.

Leko CAD.

The system includes several versions of the software.

The shortened version is suitable for small organizations or young brands. This version includes databases of designs and methods, typical and individual dimensional features and the ability to calculate an arbitrary size. It is possible to create a grid on several sizes, to build manual lines and gradations, to make the layout of a set of patterns for printing.

Full version creates seam allowances, performs marking and layout of patterns.


The program for professional designers of various spheres, including the clothing industry.

The basic version of the program is free and has all the necessary functions for the construction of patterns.

The user must know the original design formulae and it is not possible to save any intermediate result.

Each new pattern for a new shape must be created from scratch. The working principle is the same as for drawing on paper with ruler, pencil and calculator.

The program is suitable for advanced individual users and sewing manufacturers.


The program allows the detailed calculation of the features of cut, fit and material of the product. The program can simulate two-dimensional parts, but the main bet is made to work with 3D-objects. In addition to the program released applications that allow you to view the finished virtual models before sewing.


Multilevel system for template production. Versions of this system differ depending on the type of final product.

Programs are chosen based on:

– the material used (knitwear, textile, fur);

– the type of product (sports or casual clothing, bags, toys);

– gender and age (children’s/adult clothing).

Each program contains modules with basic design, modeling, grading, nesting, pattern printing.

The programs are paid.


Completely free program.

The set of functions is not very wide, there is no possibility of modeling. Patterns can be built by any method. Construction parameters and formulas are set manually. When you change dimensional features and allowances, you do not need to rebuild the drawing manually.

You can add seam allowances, design lines, grain axis direction, control marks and pattern nesting. 

CAD software Assyst

German program of Assyst GmbH. About 80% of German sewing companies and more than 250 world brands work on its basis. Among them – Hugo Boss, S.Oliver, Brax, Marc O’Polo, Adidas. CAD consists of a number of individual modules: design, 3D-modeling, layout, printing, conversion, nesting optimization, data management, production and several others. The package of modules is compiled depending on the production requirements.

The design module allows to model and design all kinds of products, and the pattern nesting module – to create nests in manual and automatic mode with minimum dropouts. Technical pattern nesting is possible both by size and by height. Automatic algorithm of pattern nesting works on the basis of the Mueller and Son methodology. In CAD Assyst there is a module for 3D visualization of clothes Vidya. With its help it is possible to check the product for fit defects. All modifications made to the 3D prototype are automatically transferred to the 2D patterns. The program imports and exports files in DXF format, so they can be opened in any graphic program.


Wild Ginger Software, an American company, specializes in developing software and related products for clothing designers, sewing and needlework enthusiasts, as well as teachers and students in fashion design and theatrical costume.

Two programs – Cameo and PatternMaster, each with its own set of blocks which can be purchased separately.The programs are paid, there are demo versions to get acquainted with the main functions.


PatternViewer is a free program, developed by PatternMaker (USA), in which patterns for women’s clothing patterns are built in. The program allows you to use both basic sizes and specify individual parameters. The number of patterns in this version is limited, but additional blocks with more features can be purchased on the website.

Each of the blocks can be tried out for 30 days for free, after that the price will depend on the level and volume of production.