Decorating clothes with rhinestones embroidery is not only a way to make your clothes more original, but also a relaxing, relaxing option. You can embroider with beads, rhinestones, and stones anything: clothes, shoes, covers, bags. Many people turn to masters, ateliers to decorate your daily image. We will talk about the possibility of doing it at home.

Interesting facts about embroidery

Embroidery – this is one of the oldest ways to decorate clothing. Historical changes in the function of embroidery took place in several stages: amulets against evil spirits, separation of estates, decoration of clothing.

In the past, clothing was decorated with embroidery to protect against evil spirits and dark forces – the collar, hem and sleeves were to be embroidered with ornate patterns. From an early age, the girls were preparing their dowry. They sat for a long time with a hoop and embroidered in the cross and smooth.

The rich class embroidery was expensive and more skillful. They often used precious stones, pearls, gold and silver threads. Clothes with such embroidery are still highly valued and kept in museums as exhibits.

In the XX century, embroidery workshops began to work. In life, has firmly entered the concept of “haute couture” or “high fashion”, passed the first fashion shows of clothes.

Hand embroidery overcame many declines in popularity – during the Great Depression and during the wars. Many embroidery houses went bankrupt and closed. But after the war, people want beauty more than ever – embroidery was gaining momentum again.

These days, embroidery on clothing is very popular. Masters decorate clothes with their hands. In stores, they sell ready-made products with embroidery.

Decorating clothes with rhinestones

Choice of rhinestones

To decorate, clothes are mainly used:

  • sewn-on rhinestones – rhinestones with a flat bottom with one or two holes for sewing;
  • rhinestones in a frame – a stone with a convex bottom and a metal substrate that has holes to be sewn onto the item;
  • beads – have a through hole and come in different shapes;
  • rhinestone ribbon or chain;
  • all kinds of sequins.

Stages of work

Consider the simplest ways of decorating clothes with rhinestones with their own hands at home.

  1. Let’s prepare the item of clothing for decoration. It must be smoothed and stretched. Masters use a hoop or a special backing for this purpose. But at home we use what is at hand – press, pins.
  2. We recommend using a ready-made sketch, drawing, stencil. It can be easily transferred to the fabric with a Transfer Marker.
  3. Place the embellishments where you need them with a rhinestone applicator or tweezers.
  4. Photocopy the laid out pattern, so you don’t forget or mix up the placement of the stones.
  5. Sew on no more than 5 elements at a time, securing them to the fabric with a knot. This way it will be easier to fix the defects without unraveling the whole pattern. For durability, we sew in 2 threads or 4 threads at once. It is better to choose a thin or medium thickness needles, depending on the type of fabric and rhinestones.
  6. After decorating, the clothes should not be touched for at least a day, so that the crystals are better anchored to the fabric.

In order that the lined pattern is not deformed during sewing, it is convenient to first glue the rhinestones on the textile glue or fix it on a double-sided adhesive tape. Then already sew on the threads. Neither the tape nor the glue will damage the lower coating of the crystal, and if necessary, the stone can be easily peeled off.

In any creative work, there is an important element of foresight.

Try and you will succeed. You will get a unique thing that will delight you.