Decorating clothes: popular ideas and tips on how to implement unusual options with your own hands

For centuries, in all countries and all nations, women and girls have sought to make their clothes attractive. In the arsenal of modern women, there are more ideas and opportunities to decorate clothes than ever before in history. Let’s talk about what you can beautifully decorate your clothes and how to do it correctly.

Reasons to decorate clothes

Clothes are decorated for the purpose of:

  • to stand out from the crowd;
  • emphasize their individuality;
  • to draw attention to themselves;
  • to give a second life to an old thing;
  • to make a new one unique;
  • trivial, to cover a stain or a hole.

What can you decorate your clothes with?

If you list all the possible options, you’ll get quite an impressive list! Of the most accessible and popular:

  • embroidery;
  • beads and beads;
  • applique;
  • ribbons and cords;
  • rhinestones and sequins;
  • Swarovski crystals;
  • crocheted elements;
  • fabric painting;
  • lace and fringe;
  • stones and pearls;
  • braid and soutache;
  • studs and chains;
  • felt, leather, and fur;
  • pendants and brooches;
  • buttons and pins;
  • satin, organza;
  • decoupage.
decorating clothes

Rules of decorating clothes

There are several principles of how to properly decorate clothing with your own hands.

The decor on an outfit should correspond to the place and the occasion for which the thing is worn.

Moderation, taste and harmony are the three whales, on which the clothing decoration is based!

For light, airy garments – graceful decorations; for warm, dense fabrics – massive.

The image is sustained in a single style.

Do not combine expensive accessories with cheap ones.

Outfits with an abundance of decorative elements (ruffles, frills, draperies, buffs) should not be supplemented with additional decorations, as well as shiny things.

The most popular areas for decorating clothes:

  • placket, border;
  • collar;
  • pockets;
  • hem;
  • back;
  • sleeve
  • neckline
  • belt.

Cutting out patterns with scissors

Of the tools you will need: a sheet of paper, a pencil, sharp scissors, disappearing marker.

Attention! This technique is designed for decorating items made of materials that do not crumble.

English pin

The origins of this decor are considered to be the style of hard rock. Today, however, the decor has found more feminine outlines. You can use gold, silver, colored or decorative pins.

Pins can decorate the neckline, applique or ornaments. It can be anything – a heart, a star, butterfly wings or a bird. You can place the pins in parallel or chaotically.

decorating clothes


As you can see in the photo, decorating clothes with ready-made applique is the easiest way to decorate. The wide range of this element of decor opens up a lot of space for the realization of creative ideas. What could be easier? Buy ready-made applique in a sewing accessories store. Glue or embroider.

Tip: If the applique is not glued and you do not have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand with fine stitches along the contour.

Finished accessories

You can make a new thing unique by:

  • by replacing the buttons;
  • pin a brooch;
  • Stitching a ribbon of stones or sequins along the bottom or an edge of a board;
  • adding a belt with an unusual buckle to the image;
  • by sewing a ready-made collar.

Painting on fabric

It’s interesting to paint clothes, and the resulting image is sure to be unique! What paints are used for painting on fabric?

  1. Special pencils;
  2. Acrylic paints for clothes;
  3. Colors for clothes in spray cans.

There are different kinds of paints:

  • Silk – for painting on silk and fine cotton;
  • Textil series – for painting on cottons, linen and fabrics that contain synthetic fibers (not more than 20% in composition).

You’ll also need quality synthetic brushes.

General instructions on how to decorate clothes with paints

Wash, dry and iron the garment.

Spread out the area to be decorated, straighten it out, stretch it a little and fix it on a base. You can use cardboard slightly larger than the contours of the future design. Stretch the desired section of the product on the cardboard, securing it to the back with pins.

Draw the outline of the future drawing – with a pencil or with a tracing paper for cloth. Depending on the chosen technique, apply the pattern.

Allow the pattern to dry. Fix the pattern in one of the ways:

  • Iron from the back, do not stay in one place for a long time. Temperature mode – cotton. Place a white cotton cloth or paper between the front of the item and the ironing board.
  • In the oven or microwave.
  • Steam.
  • Decorating with flowers.

This category is quite varied. Flowers can be:

  • felt;
  • crocheted;
  • denim;
  • satin;
  • chiffon;;
  • organza;
  • felted;
  • ribbons.

There are many ways to make flowers. We offer one master class on decorating clothes with flowers with a step-by-step description of the process of making a chiffon satin peony.

You will need: satin, chiffon, beads and beads for decorating the middle of the flower, paper templates of petals (5 sizes of petals of the same shape, but with proportionally decreasing height and width), sharp scissors, fade marker, candle.

To avoid cutting out the petals one by one, fold the satin and chiffon in 6 layers. Lay the paper molds of the petals on the fabric and trace with a marker.

Punch each piece with pins along the inside outline so that when you cut out the stacks of petals, the thin, slippery fabric will not shift.

Cut it out. You should get 30 petals from satin (6 pieces of each of the five sizes) and, respectively, 30 from chiffon. Carefully melt the outer edge of each petal over a candle flame.

Sew all the petals by hand – with a needle and thread in the color of the fabric. Sew by alternating satin petals with chiffon ones – from large to small. Decorate the middle with beads and beads.

These are not all options for decorating women’s clothing. Incredibly romantic look embroidery with ribbons and beads. Crystals “Swarovski” and the stones will give a unique charm to the image. Cross embroidery, satin embroidery, machine embroidery are gaining in popularity again. The choice is yours!